Hulkenberg: The race at Silverstone was dangerous

Hulkenberg: The race at Silverstone was dangerous

At Silverstone, Nico Hulkenberg repeated his best finish of the season, finishing sixth for the second race in a row. The German is happy with the results, but feels that racing in such weather was dangerous…

Nico Hulkenberg: “It was nice to earn points again after finishing sixth twice in a row. This is an unexpected but deserved result. We worked hard, didn’t make any mistakes, used an effective strategy, but the most important thing is that the latest update really did something to the car.

I honestly believe that we are now fighting for fifth place in the middle group of teams with Aston Martin, Alpine and others. I think we are there already. This season we are performing consistently, I think we can maintain this level.

I have to say the conditions at Silverstone were absolutely dangerous. It’s very uncomfortable going into Copse at 300km/h with rain pouring down on your visor and not knowing if you’re going to hit the wall or make it through the corner.

“Driving on slicks with so little grip is really deadly and difficult. That’s why the race was so demanding in terms of concentration and psychology. But we timed our pit stops well, hence the result.”

Source: F1 News

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