The 10 Richest Formula 1 Drivers in 2024

The 10 Richest Formula 1 Drivers in 2024

Formula 1 drivers traditionally appear on various lists of the richest athletes due to their high salaries. Some not only receive income from performances on the track, but also develop their own business, increasing their capital.

PlanetF1 has ranked the 12 richest active Formula 1 drivers by net worth in 2024. As you might have guessed, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton was the richest. Thanks to 17 full seasons in Formula 1, prize and sponsorship payments, and involvement in business, he was able to earn a fortune of $285 million.

Net Worth of Richest Active Formula 1 Drivers

Racer Team Capital amount
L. Hamilton Mercedes $285 million
F. Alonso Aston Martin $260 million
M. Verstappen Red Bull $210 million
D.Riccardo RB $96 million
S.Perez Red Bull $75 million
S.Leclerc Ferrari $50 million
L. Walk Aston Martin $50 million
K. Sainz Ferrari $47 million
P.Gasly Alps $33 million
L. Norris McLaren $30 million
V. Bottas Sauber $30 million
K.Magnussen Hare $30 million

Source: F1 News

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