Perez: I drive more comfortably this year

Sergio Pérez has been on the podium more than once this season, winning the prestigious race in Monaco – all indications are that he is already more comfortable behind the wheel of a Red Bull car. At the same time, the Mexican is willing to admit that his way of driving is noticeably different from how Max Verstappen, his partner and reigning world champion, works.

“This is my second season with the team and the experience gained and the changes in the technical regulations have certainly helped me,” Sergio said in an interview with RacingNews365. “I have made significant improvements. I think I’m already more comfortable behind the wheel of the car this year.

But Max and I often have different preferences when it comes to tuning the RB18. Sometimes we have fairly similar approaches, but on some weekends they can be noticeably different. The main difference has to do with how we operate the accelerator and how we brake. Although in general it is very difficult to compare pilot styles as something is constantly changing in them.

But when asked if different approaches to car settings make upgrading difficult, as the team is constantly working on certain technical innovations this season, Perez said this poses no particular problems.

“No, when working with the machine, we both strive to go in the same direction,” he assured. – Still, the team is finalizing the equipment and we try to squeeze the most out of the RB18 every weekend. It would be nice to increase the efficiency of the car in a complex in the second half of the season and try to make the performance more balanced in all respects.”

After 13 rounds of the season, Sergio Perez is 3rd in the individual standings, 85 points behind his partner, but Charles Leclerc, who is in 2nd place, is only five.

Source: F1 News

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