Lewis Hamilton: I have to apologize to the team

Lewis Hamilton would go the distance of the Dutch Grand Prix with a single pit stop, and this tactic could win him out, but the conditions were against the seven-time world champion. When it became clear that the tactics chosen by Mercedes would not work, he spoke very harshly of the team, but after the finish he calmed down and apologized to his colleagues.

Lewis Hamilton (4th): “I think our car allowed us to fight for the win today, but the conditions were such that we faced several difficulties. A virtual safety car mode was introduced, a real safety car drove onto the track, although before it seemed like my car was working perfectly, everything was fine with tactics, and pit stops were just great.

The team did their best and I hoped we could win the winning double today. This year has been difficult for us, we haven’t won a race since the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, but today victory seemed within reach. But the arrival of the safety car ruined everything.

But my emotions were at the limit and I have to apologize to the team. I don’t even remember what I said then. But at some point I lost control of myself. However, I think the team understands that it was a flurry of feelings.

Let’s look at everything positively: if we had problems in the last race, we fought with Red Bull for the win today. Without the safety car I think we had a chance. We were the only ones who could implement the one pit stop tactic – I don’t think anyone else had such an opportunity.

So today there were a lot of good moments, so if it continues like this, we can win at least one more race.”

George Russell (2nd): “I think we could have won if the virtual safety car mode hadn’t been introduced. But at the beginning of the race we lost a lot of time, although if we were right behind Max after the first segment, I see no reason that could prevent us from winning.

Nevertheless, there was real hope for success and for the remaining races of the season this will give the team a fighting spirit. To be honest, we knew we were capable of a good pace and I really believed Lewis could fight for the win. He had a great race and the team deserved a better result, but unfortunately sometimes things don’t work in our favor.

I am really proud of the team and very happy that we showed a great pace. Over the radio, I urged the team to give me soft tires because I was sure it was the right decision. I thought the team would have acted this way anyway, because in such situations it makes sense to separate tactics.

As a result, we came in second and fourth, although this is not quite the result the team deserved today.

Source: F1 News

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