Nico Rosberg: It’s time for Ferrari to change something

Nico Rosberg: It’s time for Ferrari to change something

Ferrari had a great start to the season, but the victories in Bahrain, Australia, Great Britain and Austria are already in the past, and the real F1-75 lacks reliability and speed, the Scuderia strategists make frank miscalculations and the racers are far from perfect on the track.

In Zandvoort they did not claim a victory at all and only third place, taken by Charles Leclerc, was a consolation. At the same time, Carlos Sainz, who only ended up on the eighth line of the final protocol of the Dutch Grand Prix due to a fine, also lost a lot of time at the pit stop, because the mechanics did not prepare the necessary tires. for him.

Ferrari’s work on the Sky Sports channel was criticized by Nico Rosberg, former Formula 1 driver, world champion in 2016: “This is incomprehensible! And Mattia Binotto keeps saying that everything is going well, so nothing needs to change.

Even Formula 2 or Formula 3 teams outperform Ferrari when it comes to tactics or pit stops. Carlos Sainz drove into the pits and one of the wheels was missing, although the race was run under normal conditions. At some point, the Scuderia will have to change something.

In addition, the Ferrari car lacks some speed, which is especially evident during the races – we saw this in Spa, and it happened again in Zandvoort. The team must continue to upgrade their car and do it efficiently.

It is often emphasized that Binotto is a technical specialist. But maybe the problem can be solved if the team leader is not only an engineer, but also a professional manager who is responsible for working with people. I am not familiar with Binotto, but it seems to me that it is time for him to make some personnel changes in the team. Too many things are going wrong right now.

In the course of the races, commentators are already waiting for Ferrari to make another mistake because they know it will certainly happen. All this is not encouraging.”

After the race, Mattia Binotto, the head of the Scuderia, really said: “We will not change anything. The stability of the team is the most important, as is the ability to work better every race. I have no doubt that our people can do it.”

Source: F1 News

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