Tsunoda exceeded the number of warnings – All Formula 1 News 2022

Tsunoda exceeded the number of warnings – All Formula 1 News 2022

Yuki Tsunoda has exceeded the number of official warnings and should be given a penalty in Monza with the loss of ten places at the start.

Such a penalty is automatically awarded to the rider who has received five warnings during the season (four of which must race – for pilot actions). The Japanese AlphaTauri driver has so many warnings – four racing and one non-racing – for driving around the circuit in Zandvoort with loose seat belts.

The stewards investigated the circumstances of this incident and issued a warning: “After a pit stop, the driver of car #22 stopped on the track and determined that one of the wheels had been installed incorrectly. The investigation found that there was actually a problem with the differential, so the car was not in an unsafe condition.

During the interview, the driver admitted that after stopping on the track, he was ready to exit the car and began to unfasten the seat belt without unfastening it. He then drove back to the pits, where the mechanics tightened the belts again. It is not possible to determine exactly to what extent the seat belt has been loosened by the rider.

Source: F1 News

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