Italian Grand Prix: Bets

Italian Grand Prix: Bets

Bookmaker William Hill has published a bet percentage for winning the Italian Grand Prix.

Predictably, the favorite of the race at Monza, bookmakers consider Max Verstappen, who has taken ten wins in the season, including four past Grand Prix in a row. Charles Leclerc’s prospects of success in Ferrari’s home race are more than five times lower. Lewis Hamilton is in third place in the ranking of contenders for victory.

Betting at bookmakers: winning the Italian Grand Prix
Verstappen 1.44
Leclerc 7.50
Hamilton 8.00
Russell 10.00
Sainz, Perez 17.00
Alonso, Norris 201.00
Windows 501.00
Riccardo 751.00
Vettel, Stroll 1001.00
Gasly, Magnussen, Schumacher, Zhou 1501.00
Bottas, Tsunoda, Elbon 2001,00
Latina 3001.00

Bookmakers continue to formally bet on Max Verstappen’s title, but in reality they have no doubt that the Red Bull Racing driver will retain the title of world champion. Interestingly, the title chances of Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez differ almost fifteen times, even though they have the same number of points in the individual standings.

Bookmaker’s Rates: Individual Title
Verstappen 1.01
Leclerc 34.00
Hamilton, Russell 201.00
sinuses 251.00
perez 501.00

Betting on Red Bull Racing to win the Constructors’ Championship has been formally accepted…

Betting Odds: Win the Constructors’ Championship
Red Bull 1.01
Ferrari 21.00
Mercedes 26.00

Source: F1 News

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