Horner: Max was not in awe of Lewis and was not afraid of him

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner compared Max Verstappen’s feud to Lewis Hamilton last year and Charles Leclerc in 2022. According to Horner, part of Max was able to win the title because he made Lewis nervous.

Christian Horner: “The fight against Lewis was different from the fight against Charles. Perhaps the difference in the attitude of the riders towards each other. Max has fought with Charles since childhood and over the years a mutual respect has developed between them. I never heard Lewis acknowledge Max’s abilities, and this created friction between them that was palpable and visible.

It is impossible not to respect everything Lewis did and achieved. Probably no one will be able to beat his records, but in every rider’s career there comes a time when he can be beaten. Max always respected Lewis, but he wasn’t in awe of him or scared. Rather, he was delighted at the chance to fight Lewis wheel to wheel. Max had an inner confidence that he could win.

Lewis is a seven-time champion and had a lot to lose last year, while Max was young and willing to take risks and risk it all – some of his overtakes last year were incredible. And I could feel Lewis getting nervous.

At Silverstone Lewis took pole, but the sprint was won by Max – then Lewis dropped a bit. If Max had been able to drive the Copse corner in the race, I don’t think Lewis would have seen him before the finish.

The situation, when the mood of despair mounted and the stakes were high, and emotions ran off the scale, probably affected Lewis more than Max. Like I said, unlike Max, he had something to lose.

Source: F1 News

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