Pato O’Ward commented on McLaren testing

Last week, Pato O’Ward spent a day of testing in Barcelona with last year’s McLaren MCL35M. Today, the British team’s press service published the young rider’s impressions of the work done.

Pato O’Ward: “Every time I get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car, I have a big smile. This is a great technique that can do a lot. The car is faster than any you’ve ever driven in your life – it’s moments like these that you realize how fast you can go, especially when cornering. The braking performance of a Formula 1 car is unparalleled.

In fact, this is a rocket on wheels, a real work of art, embodying ingenious technical solutions. Behind the wheel, you fully understand how much work and resources went into making such a machine.

Behind the wheel of Formula 1, it is important to understand the direction of the wind, because the aerodynamic balance depends on it. This was new to me because the IndyCar is not that sensitive to wind. With full tanks the balance of the car changes a lot, so it took me a while to get used to it.

During the tests I tried to learn as much as possible. It was necessary to understand what I like in the car and what I don’t, because of what I can win back in a fast lap and because of what in a long series. The optimal time depends on how well you understand the car, how to attack in the first half of the circle so that the tires are enough for the second. As for working on a long run, then over time you start to understand where you don’t have to attack so hard to extend the life of the tires.

I have to improve in every area because everything is new to me until now. However, I feel like I’m taking a step forward every time I get behind the wheel. However, I can improve in many ways.”

Source: F1 News

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