Jordan Weale: “The hockey tournament at the Olympics is exciting. You never know who will win”

Moscow Striker “Dynamo” Jordan Wheel admitted that he was happy to go to the Olympics as part of the Canadian team, being a player of the Russian club, and also said that the chances of the teams in the tournament are equalized due to the non-participation of the NHL representatives.

Following the results of the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, the Canadian team was left without tournament medals for the first time in 16 years, the team lost to the Swedes (0:2) in the quarter-finals. NHL players did not participate in the Olympics by league decision.

– There is a blessing in disguise, because, having left for the KHL, I found myself at the Olympic Games? Exactly. And I will not say that leaving for the KHL is something bad, it is also good (smile). So it went well with good. The Olympics are amazing, I will never forget that. Of course, not everything went as we wanted, it would be great to fight for a medal. But even just to go there, to experience it all firsthand, is incredibly cool. It’s a really special tournament because every game is very important. It was cool, great fun. We had such a cool group of guys. Glad to have been able to participate in this.

If the best played against the best and Sidney Crosby and the guys didn’t win any medals, that would probably be unthinkable. But when the best who are not from North America, not from the NHL, play, the tournament becomes very equal. It makes matches more fun, you never know who will win. In a way, is it even better? I don’t know if Canada will win every year… I like it this way and that way, but someone might like one more thing. If we organize tournaments like in the past or in 2018, we will have, for example, Germany in the final or Slovakia among the winners. The more countries have their chance, the competition becomes more interesting when more than three top teams enter the top 3 each year, Wil told The Championship.

Wil joined the Moscow team in early July following a swap deal with Ak Bars Kazan, for whom he has played since 2021. He has made 13 appearances for the Blues, scoring one goal and providing eight assists.


Source : MatchTV

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