“There was already so much pressure on me that I got used to it.” Znarok about the defeat of Avtomobilist

Head Coach “Ak Barsa” Oleg Znarok called the result of the Fonbet championship match unsatisfactory KHL With “Motorist” (4:5 ET).

– We lost – what can be the result of this match? Unsatisfactory.

– Didn’t it seem like you were rushing to replace the goalkeeper in overtime? The team did not have time to enter the area.

– Remove the goalkeeper, winning the face-off in the middle zone.

– So you consciously took this risk?

The guys said everything was fine. We ask them before that how they feel.

– When will Stanislav Galiev be able to play?

“Maybe in five days.

– The question of the physical condition of the whole team – there are a lot of losses of personnel, a difficult schedule.

– But we got out of the match, we lost, but we got out of it and we played well in attack today.

– What was not enough to take revenge?

– Probably, the games in defense are the mistakes we made.

– Vyacheslav Voynov and Vadim Shipachyov played badly on the first goal. In overtime, Voynov couldn’t block the shot.

– You are wrong – when you scored the last goal, it all started in attack. I have already saved the warriors.

– There was a mistake in the first puck.

– Didn’t understand.

– You said you don’t send players to the reserve. Do you punish such productive mistakes?

“We now have a lot of injuries.

– In general, is there a practice of punishment with reserve?

– Usually there are, but now we have no one.

– If someone was in the reserve, would he be in the reserve?

“I can’t say anything about that.

– How much did it cost to shoot the goalkeeper in the game with Avtomobilist? Or was it worth breaking up first?

It’s hard for me to talk to you. The goaltender is out when the puck is won in the middle zone, the player goes to his goal and the roll begins.

– In the summer, you also let an empty net in and said you had to shoot the goalie when the puck was in the middle zone.

– Then I shot the goalkeeper in extra time for the first time, until that time I did not use such a technique. Now that everything was correct, you have to shoot the goalkeeper after winning the throw-in and the start of the attack.

– You said there is a rotation. Shipachev didn’t score today, he was wrong. Why didn’t he rest a single game?

– Because now there are no more central attackers. The next game will be exactly the line-up that played today, we have a lot of injuries.

– Six defenders in the squad – are they just injuries? Nikita Evseev played today for Bars.

– We specifically sent him there to train a bit and come back, because he hasn’t played much with us.

– Artyom Lukoyanov played Game 3 of the VHL, what will happen next?

– Let’s see, let’s talk with the coach.

– What is the pressure felt from the outside now?

– There was already so much pressure on me that I got used to it.

– How are you guys doing?

“Some do, some don’t. Someone’s psychology kicked in a bit, because everyone was relying on a slightly different game.

– Danis Zaripov played the second game in a row, today he made a mistake with a result. How many times is he able to play?

– You only look at errors, do not count the most. Hockey is usually about mistakes, in any game – good or bad – players make a lot of mistakes. Another thing is that errors must be corrected.

Do they fix it?

“He made a mistake, so someone else has to correct them.

– Do you understand what is happening with Shipachyov? He could have scored a hat-trick today.

“There is no other option here but support. Such situations happen not only in hockey, but also in life, so support only, – the official quotes Znark. website club.

Ak Bars is 4th in the KHL Eastern Conference standings with 18 points.

On October 6, the teams will meet in Kazan, the match will start at 7:30 p.m. (Moscow time).

Source : MatchTV

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