“The episode with Bardakov’s injury should lead to rule changes at the IIHF level” – Weisfeld

An episode of the Fonbet KHL Championship match between “locomotive ” and S.K.A. in which the striker of the St. Petersburg team was injured Zakhar Bardakov should lead to changes in international hockey rules as there is no longer a penalty for an open wicket, a well-known hockey official, pundit and commentator told . Leonid Weisfeld .

Lokomotiv beat SKA 3-1 on Thursday. In the second half, after an energetic reception from Artur Kayumov, SKA striker Bardakov crashed into the open Lokomotiv gate, which was not closed in time by Yaroslavl team masseur Yevgeny Naumov, and was seriously injured. According to , the KHL’s Athletic and Disciplinary Commission (SDC) will not consider the episode, since this infraction is not specified in the regulations.

– The rules don’t say anything about that, unfortunately. And there must be a punishment for such moments, and it’s not even about the KHL, but in general the international rules of hockey at the IIHF level. It’s just a kind of irresponsibility: people are standing, sleeping on a bench, it’s impossible. I don’t know exactly what Bardakov has, but in theory you can hurt yourself very badly, it’s extremely dangerous. And such cases occur regularly, and no punishment is provided for them. It turns out the person is in the hospital and there they say, “Well, sorry, the door wasn’t closed.” That’s all. Maybe it makes sense not to punish the team on the ice, but to seriously punish the club afterwards through KFOR and so on,” Weisfeld told a correspondent.

Source : MatchTV

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