“In the first meeting with Kunlun, we didn’t score a billion chances” – CSKA striker Plotnikov

Offensive CSKA Sergei Plotnikov in a conversation with a correspondent, he explained why the army team was only able to defeat the Chinese club on the third attempt and what prevented them from winning in previous encounters.

On Wednesday, CSKA defeated Kunlun in the home match of the Fonbet KHL Championship with a score of 5:1. Plotnikov in this meeting was the army captain, replacing in this role Nikita Nesterov, who missed the game.

“We didn’t get the win as easily as it looks,” Plotnikov said. – We made a lot of effort and achieved a few points. Our goalkeeper played well, especially at the start he often helped. It added confidence.

– A lot was decided by two goals scored by CSKA in the majority. Was playing in uneven lineups at its best today?

– In the five-on-five game, we also had many chances that had to be converted earlier. But it’s good that at least most of them worked on time.

– Seeing CSKA’s confident victory today, one involuntarily wonders: how did you manage to lose to Kunlun in the previous two meetings?

– The first meeting can be crossed out completely, we didn’t score a billion chances there. And in the second – at the end we relaxed, let in goals, the opponent tied the score, well, and shootouts are shootouts.

– Is it difficult to connect to Kunlun?

– Now any team can play well, “Kunlun” before this meeting also gave a very decent streak. You should expect a surprise from any opponent. So there shouldn’t be any atmosphere problems for every game.

CSKA has won six in a row in recent games, the team takes 4th place in the Western Conference standings. Previously, the Moscow Army team lost twice to Kunlun – 1:2 in overtime and 4:5 in shootout.

Source : MatchTV

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