Hockey player Dzhioshvili explained why he could not return to the KHL for five years

Before MoscowDynamo » Maxim Dzhioshvili explained to the “Championship” why he could not return to the KHL for five years.

“Probably like this. During this season, where he played six games in the KHL, he remained the 13th forward on several occasions. Let’s just say they didn’t trust me too much. But maybe he himself didn’t show the game that I had to show. So it’s hard to say why this season went the way it did. When they let me down in VHL, in principle, I played well there. It was therefore necessary to better understand the game and become a more seasoned hockey player.

However, it is only over the years that you begin to better understand what is expected of you and what you can do. Of course, all players should develop and try to do more and more, but there are certain strengths, those things you do better, and you have to use them,” Dzhioshvili said.

Previously, Maxim played for Vityaz Podolsk (2016-2017), as well as for All-Russian Hockey League (VHL) clubs – THC (Tver Hockey Club; 2016/2017), Dynamo (St. Petersburg; 2017, 2018 -2022) and “Toros” (2018). In the 2012/2013 season, he played at the junior level for the Little Caesars team.


Source : MatchTV

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