They don’t want to see Russia at the World Cup, even in a neutral status. What decision will the NHL make?

A number of countries do not want to play with Russia

An interesting column on ESPN was written by our colleague Greg Wyshinsky. The subject of the Russian team at the World Cup in February 2024 was again raised. So, reports Vyshinsky, some of the countries that will participate are already protesting against the participation of Russian players.

“The conflict in Ukraine makes it difficult to solve the Russian problem. Of course, we have heard some of the countries that will be competing in the World Cup objecting to Russia’s participation,” Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said.

The NHL assumed that the status of the Russian team would be somehow adjusted if the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continued at the time of the World Cup. Initially, it was hoped that Russian players would simply play under a neutral name or flag, as happened at the last Olympics. Now, however, Daly says other World Cup nations are not happy.

“We considered this option as an alternative… But it doesn’t seem to be suitable for other countries,” he said.

The NHL has said objections are a “relative fact” in the process of deciding whether to include Russian players, Vyshinsky said. However, no decision has been made on their status, nor have the logistical plans for the World Cup, which will take place in just over a year, been finalised.

NHL salary cap to be raised

What’s even more interesting is that the NHL’s salary cap could increase by more than $4 million next season if the league meets its revenue forecast.

“We believe there is a strong possibility that the reserve fund will be reimbursed this season. This means that we can expect a significant increase in the cap,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said after a meeting. of the league’s board of governors on Tuesday in Manhattan.

Recall that the NHL and the NHL Players Union signed a new collective agreement in 2020. They then agreed to maintain the salary cap at $81.5 million until hockey revenues exceed $3.3 billion. dollars from the previous season. This season, the salary cap increased for the first time under that $1 million deal to $82.5 million.

As you know, player and league revenue is split 50/50. As of the pandemic, players owe owners approximately $1 billion due to lost team revenue. When this debt is fully repaid, it will already be possible to talk about income. Bettman said he believes the debt could be paid off as early as this season. And then the cap for the 2023-24 season will increase from 4 to 4.5 million dollars, and it will happen sooner than expected.

Tellingly, the league took in about $5.4 billion last season, about $0.5 billion more than the NHL expected.

Tortorella has brought order to Philadelphia

Philadelphia surprised on game day, ruining Tampa’s first home game of the season by beating them 3-2. Moreover, the Lightning noticeably displaced the Flyers (38-24), and also led with a score of 2-0. But victory slipped away.

Nikita Kucherov scored 2 (0+2) points for assists in the majority, Vladislav Namestnikov gave another effective assist. But then Philadelphia turned the game around. One of the passes was given by a young defender Yegor Zamula.

In general, since this season, Philadelphia has been coached by John Tortorella, and the team has won three wins in three matches since the start. Cakes quickly put things in order, and now Philadelphia is a pumped-up Columbus, where the team play system is well established.

It was the day of the Russian defenders. Ottawa’s Artem Zub scored 2 (1+1) points in a tough game against Boston (7:5). In addition, the Russian also had four hits, three throws and received +3 utility with 24:21 on the ice.

Columbus beat Vancouver (4:3 OT) and Blue Jackets defenseman Vladislav Gavrikov scored the winning goal in overtime. Columbus striker Egor Chinakhov scored his first points of the season (0+2).

And defender “Buffalo” Ilya Lyubushkin in the match against star “Edmonton” (4:2) knocked down rival Dylan Holloway with a powerful power move. Needless to say, the Sabers defense managed to cover Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, who scored nothing. But even last season, Buffalo was considered a hopeless underdog.

Source : MatchTV

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