Tretiak believes the 3×3 World Championship should be held separately from the traditional World Cup

Tretiak believes the 3×3 World Championship should be held separately from the traditional World Cup

President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation (FHR) Vladislav Tretyak responding to the question of “”, expressed the view that the world championship in the “3 × 3” format should be held separately from the traditional tournament.

St. Petersburg hosted the League of Stakes Cup of the Future tournament, the winner of which was the youth team of Russia.

– “” reported that the International Ice Hockey Federation at the next congress may hold the 3×3 Ice Hockey World Championship. Should it be organized at the same time as the regular World Cup?

– I think it is worth organizing a separate world championship. Because the 3×3 format is very interesting. I don’t know how it will continue, but personally, I really like it. Because the public likes when there are many moments in the game. But “3×3” is unpredictable, and every second the score changes, all the goalkeepers play to the limit.

This bright hockey attracts attention. I remember that in my youth I played in 3×3, especially against Mikhailov, Petrov, Kharlamov. It was very hard for me against such hockey players. But it’s interesting for the fans, and we serve them. The main thing is that people come to the stands and have fun,” Tretiak said.

“What can you say about the Saint Petersburg tournament?”

— I think it was a success, thanks to the organizers and the sponsors. The cup itself is amazing, they give one for winning the world championships. Thanks guys for coming out to support us. Our youngsters enjoyed playing here.

Of course, I would like the opponent to be stronger. But the guys still showed character, the match between the two Russian teams turned out to be very interesting. The guys showed some interesting offensive hockey. And it is very important to play certain patterns even with these rivals. The coaches were interested to see who was in what condition. It is very important that the FHR organizes such tournaments now. And what our young people feel is that they are taken care of by organizing such a colorful holiday.

– Satisfied with goalkeeper Sergei Ivanov, who conceded only one goal in three matches. Is a new Bobrovsky growing?

– It’s the result of a lot of work, not a day. At one point we had a crisis with the guards. It was mainly Finns and Swedes who played in the championship, they came from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. There was no one to take to the Russian squad for the World Cup. Therefore, the federation has decided that goalkeepers should be given special attention.

Every year we hold special gatherings in Dmitrov. Almost all of our current NHL goaltenders have been there. Today, everyone understands that the result of each club depends more on the goalkeeper. I don’t want to offend anyone, but the goalkeeper is the main figure on the pitch.

We have good goalkeepers who show class – the same Nikolaev in SKA, quite a few Samonov. And in the NHL, we have seven or eight goalies at a time, playing at a very high level.

Source : MatchTV

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