Evgeni Malkin: “My son fell in love with football, he now watches World Cup matches, he knows the scores and who plays how”

russian striker “Pittsburgh” Yevgeny Malkin in an interview with , he said his son Nikita became interested in football.

Malkin is the eighth Russian hockey player in NHL history to have played at least 1,000 games in the league. Currently, he has scored 1166 points (452+714) for his NHL career.

Malkin is married to TV presenter Anna Kasterova. On May 31, 2016, the couple had a son, whose name was Nikita.

– With hockey for the son, everything is more difficult. Because he really loves football. Qatar is currently hosting the World Cup. The son has a whole magazine, he collects all the players. For each team you need to collect a certain set of stickers. We order them, they are constantly repeated. There are five or six players left to recover. This school has already turned into a real adventure. Children not only collect stickers, but also play and organize tournaments.

So my son is now in love with football. And I see that he likes team sports. We were in Moscow, I took him to hockey – he liked it too. Party, changing room – he made a lot of friends. And he liked to walk.

Here in Miami, hockey is a little more difficult. But now he’s back in Pittsburgh, and I want to try again. We don’t really have any pressure. If you like football, we will be happy to try this sport.

The main thing is that a person loves what he does. But I see he is very motivated – he knows all the players, he watches the World Cup games now, he knows the scores and who is playing how. For me it’s amazing. He is only six years old. But football hooked him directly,” Malkin told .

Source : MatchTV

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