“I’ve never had duplicates.” Dynamo defender – on the pucks against Spartak in 22 seconds

Defender of Moscow “Dynamo” Kirill Gotovets in a conversation with , he shared his emotions after the first double in KHL which he designed in a winning match with “Spartacus” .

On Tuesday, Dynamo beat Spartak in the Fonbet home match of the KHL Championship with the score 5:2. Gotovets scored twice in 22 seconds in the third period.

– I will not say that I am the hero of the match today, everything went well for us. Konovalov helped us a lot, kept us in the game. It’s a team victory.

– But doing a double in 22 seconds is very cool! Is this the first time in your career?

– I never had doubles at all, not like the ones that are so fast. After the second goal, the guys on the bench shouted at me to stay in the third team. But I decided that was already superfluous.

– Due to what such shots fly into the goal? They appeared to be throwing under the blue line, from the same spot.

– The partners covered the goalkeeper very well. When the first puck came, even I didn’t see where the puck was flying. And in the second episode, the puck bounced off me really well. He didn’t need to be treated. And again, the keeper was very well closed. He didn’t see anything at all.

– How do you feel after playing for the Belarus national team during a break?

– Good. The team has just restarted a bit. This is useful in the middle of a long season. It’s nice to dive into another atmosphere. He returned to Dynamo rested.

Gotovets has been playing in the KHL since 2016 and during that time he has scored six KHL regular season goals.

Source : MatchTV

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