Athletistic/Hockey. On December 21, St. Petersburg hosted another Fonbet KHL Championship match of the 2022/23 season, in which local SKA hosted CSKA Moscow.

Guests in a fierce struggle won with the score 2:1 (0:0, 1:0, 1:1).

The first period was scoreless. In the 30th minute, Vladislav Kamenev, with the transfer of Pavel Karnaukhov, advances the Muscovite army. In the 45th minute, Valentin Zykov equalized after a pass from Mikhail Pashnin. In the 58th minute, Pavel Karnaukhov scored the second goal and brought victory to the Moscow Army team.

In the next game of the KHL regular season, CSKA will face Lokomotiv on December 23 in Yaroslavl. SKA will host Spartak Moscow on December 24.

This is how the team’s head coach commented on CSKA’s victory Sergei Fedorov: “A fast, intense game. We overslept at the start. The guys understand how much today’s opponent played actively, aggressively, especially at the start. But it didn’t work, I don’t don’t know what it’s connected with. You can name two or three moments – a break, not a break, the national team, not the national team, etc. But in the second game they came back to the game, got scored a good goal on the break, conceded a funny goal, thought the momentum was on our side, there was good movement, puck control, in the end it was nerves, too much desire.” We’re going to remove that. The team with a victory, the opponent was super worthy. We are going to play with SKA several times, so we will rejoice until noon, then it will be a working day.”

When you play against all the leaders of the KHL, such victories are necessary and important both psychologically and physically. And in general – we lost at home in extra time, we could not cope with a clear “four against three” advantage without a goalkeeper. Then we came here, scored four goals in one go, it’s not quite usual for our team. We will probably be more concerned about what we are doing. In all these areas, an important and good workers’ victory. There were a lot of emotions, falls, other moments. For us, it is a wonderful and enriching experience. We are happy to have found the way to the goal tonight and to have scored an important goal.

Sharychenkov played in goal today, the goalkeeping coach will give him marks. Humanly happy for Sasha that he managed to show the level that we would like to see. God willing, he will continue to do so.

I’m not entirely sure that the pair of Nesterov and Dyblenko played every other time. Maybe it was in the end. I think, experience, we took Yaroslav for this role. He is our first defender, we had no doubt about it when we invited him to the team. And Nikita always plays 30-40 minutes of pure time.”

SKA Mentor Romain Rotenberg noted that there was a great atmosphere during the game with CSKA: “Wonderful atmosphere, full stands, fantastic energy. We played our best hockey in the first half, created many scoring chances, completed the set 100%. “There was a break, the guys went out of their game, we saw it in the implementation. In previous games, we scored 100% chances. The second period slowed down, we spoke with the team at halftime. We made a mistake, our young defender is gaining experience, we spoke with Arseniy that when the score is 0:0, such individual actions are not necessary, or there must be such actions that will definitely lead to the puck in the opponent’s goal, not ours.

Let’s take a look at these details and be stronger. Three more meetings with CSKA – such a great series. So far we have won two games and lost one. Congratulations to CSKA for the victory, we are preparing for the next game. Then we fly to Moscow, we will take revenge.”

Honored Coach of Russia Vladimir Krikunov said that SKA was playing much more actively: “Of course, I was looking forward to the match between SKA and CSKA at Ice. SKA had already beaten the Muscovites twice this season, they were far ahead in the standings – I was sure of the revenge of Fedorov’s team It was not visible on the ice.Now, if a team makes four shots in a half game and spends almost all of its time on the defensive, it is customary to call it a bus.

SKA acted much more actively, missed a lot of chances, touched the posts, but it happens that in the end whoever sits in the defense of the dead scores. Blatant error of young Koromyslov, the defender should not go in the middle zone, cutting off half of the team! That moment knocked the hosts down a bit and then they didn’t have such an advantage, although SKA kept pressing and bouncing back. But still, Fedorov has Sharychenkov to thank for the win, whose save brought those two points to the Muscovites.

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