“Gordie Howe scored three goals for Tretiak at the age of 46. And what a goal” – Yakushev

Double Olympic champion Alexander Yakushev in a chat with , he recalled how he played against the NHL legend Gordie Howe .

Saturday night “Washington” beat at home “Winnipeg” with a score of 4:1. Ovechkin scored two goals, reaching the 802 NHL goal mark. According to this indicator, the Russian takes second place in the list of the best snipers in the league. Ovechkin edged Gordie Howe, who scored 801 goals. Wayne Gretzky is the all-time leading scorer in NHL history with 894.

“Gordie Howe was a great hockey player and a historical figure,” Yakushev said. – I had the chance to see him on the ice in the NHL. It was 1963 when I flew to North America with the second team. And that’s when we were brought to Detroit’s home game, which Howe played for. Everyone around was talking only about him. And we didn’t know him very well. NHL games have never been shown on television. In the press, if something appeared, then very short notes. But he showed exceptional play with his partners. And of course, Gordy was remembered for his Super Serie-74 play when he came to us. He was then 46 years old and he scored three goals for Tretiak. And what goals! It’s not like he stuffed it on the patch, hit the door with power throws. In front of him, the whole team could kneel down before the game. Because it was a time.

– Do you think Ovechkin will be accepted into the NHL Hall of Fame immediately after the end of his career?

– Sasha can already be accepted there. But according to NHL rules, at least three years must pass after the end of a career. I don’t think the league will make an exception. Probably, Sasha will have to wait a bit.

Yakushev played Howe in Super Series 74, where the USSR team met a Canadian team made up of WHA players. Our team won four games, three ended in a draw. Another was won by the Canadians. Yakushev became the second goalscorer of this tournament – 8 (5+3) points. Howe is fourth, 7 (3+4) points.

Source : MatchTV

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