SKA goalkeeper Nikolaev: “It happens that during the whole match they reach the goal three times in one period, they throw it – and then there is no one there for 5-7 minutes. But I have the habit, it’s our system”

Goalkeeper S.K.A. Dmitry Nikolaev in an interview with a correspondent, he said that he had already adapted to not the most intense game, attacking the opponents of the St. Petersburg team.

SKA on Saturday won a home victory against Spartak Moscow (4:2) in the Fonbet match of the KHL championship. The players of the capital team made 19 shots on the opposing target during the match.

– Do you keep track of your own statistics during the season?

– I go there very rarely, I don’t watch after every game.

– Roman Rotenberg often notes that you are expensive during the game, because the team is playing in the opposing half of the field. Is it more of a plus or a minus?

There aren’t many games like this. Is it good for me? It’s difficult for all goalkeepers. There are such games, like today, that during the whole game they reach the goal three times in one period, they kick it – and then there is no one there for 5-7 minutes. Of course, it’s more practical when there are a lot of hits, because you’re always in good shape. But I’m used to this game, it’s our system.

– The muscles do not cool down?

— No, I always keep myself in shape. I warm up well before the game. The main thing is not to relax.

“How did Spartak surprise you?”

— Yes, they are always surprising lately. In the first match we beat them (5:1), then they really didn’t reach the goal, there were only a few dangerous moments. The second match was 6:4, but it was very difficult to win. Today wasn’t easy either, the attacks were dangerous. Somewhere the boys helped, somewhere I did it myself.

How are you going to celebrate the new year? Can you rest?

– There will be no time to rest. We will be arriving home at the end of December 31st. I will have to buy presents. I will go to my relatives, we will celebrate the New Year out of town.

With 73 points, the SKA continues to lead the table of the Western Conference, Spartak suffers its fourth consecutive defeat and is in 6th position with 46 points.

Source : MatchTV

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