Athletistic/Hockey. More recently, the head of the US Olympic Committee said Russian athletes should be allowed to compete in the 2024 Olympics in Paris. However, we are talking about the participation of Russians without a flag and an anthem. This was expressed by Honored Russian Hockey Coach Vladimir Plushev.

– The worst is the psychology of the ostrich, the head under the arm, like the hunter does not see me. And the hunter will one day take to the field at the same World Cup. It’s not just that the Americans started talking about the fact that Russia, albeit with reservations, should be sent back to the Olympics. They know the level of our hockey. They want to come back and wipe our noses. As soon as we were removed from the international agenda, I said that the break that had occurred should be used to our advantage. It is necessary to create a basis for the training of our hockey players, – quotes the words of Plushev “Sport Weekend”.

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