CSKA head coach Fedorov sees no point in ‘killing’ a player himself

Head Coach CSKA Sergei Fedorov told Sport24 that since the start of his coaching career he hasn’t sought to ‘kill’ the player himself.

– Did you “kill” a player in you to become a coach?

– Not. Why would I kill a player in me? It does not mean anything.

– However, the point of view of the coach and the player are two different things.

– I won’t argue. I have a different understanding.

– Then explain.

– What happened to me when I was an active player, this page. What happened to me after being appointed head coach of CSKA is another page. I tried my best to study it as thoroughly as I did the career page of the game. One does not interfere with the other in my understanding. And more than that: this gaming experience even helps me. Being a coach is 20-30-40-50 different directions. To be a player – 12-15 areas you need to know well to play at the highest level, Fedorov said.

Last season, CSKA, under the leadership of Fedorov, won the Gagarin Cup by beating Metallurg Magnitogorsk in the final series.


Source : MatchTV

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