McDavid is the first in the 21st century to score 150 points in a season and beat Malkin’s feat

Captain “Edmonton” Connor McDavid became the first NHL player in the 21st century to reach 150 points in a single season, including the playoffs.

In the first game of the semi-final series against Colorado (6:8), the striker scored 3 (1+2) points, which allowed him to bring the season indicator to 152 (52+ 100) dots. The last time this mark was exceeded in the 1995/96 season by three hockey players at once – Mario Lemieux (188), Jaromir Jagr (172) and Joe Sakic (154).

Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin still had the best scorer of the 21st century. In the 2008/09 season, the Russian got 149 (49+100) points, having played 106 regular season and playoff games.

The best season in NHL history in terms of performance was held by Wayne Gretzky, who scored 255 (90+165) points in the 1984/85 championship. Gretzky occupies the first five lines of this ranking, in the top 10 of the most productive seasons in history, he was rated 8 times

Source : MatchTV

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