Nikita Gusev: ‘It was good to sing the Russian anthem when we won Olympic gold’

Before S.K.A. and the Russian national ice hockey team Nikita Gusev in an interview with , he recalled the victory at the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang and named one of the highlights of the tournament.

On February 25, it will be five years since the Russian team beat the Germans in the final (4:3 OT) and won Olympic gold in Pyeongchang. This Olympic victory was the first for the hockey team in Russian history; in 1992 the combined team won gold.

Gusev scored 4 (2+2) points in the final and became the top scorer in the Olympics, getting 12 (4+8) points in six games.

– February 25 marks the fifth anniversary of the victory of the Russian team at the Olympics. What does this mean for you?

– The fact that I became an Olympic champion.

— What is your most memorable moment in Pyeongchang?

There were many such moments, and I don’t want to name just one. But it was great when we won, we all sang the anthem together.

– Is your Olympic gold medal on a separate shelf?

“I wouldn’t say that. All the victories are very pleasant and one should not be forgotten.

— How did you manage to start this KHL championship well? It seemed incredible.

“But there were no surprises. Everyone said I missed pre-season. But I prepared very well and knew what I had to do. So I was ready as soon as the first games and I started to play well.

– Which of the personal records is the most dear to you?

– Probably the title of the best scorer in the history of SKA.

– How did the team perceive the news that SKA won the regular season?

Everyone works for it. Everyone is happy, but everyone understands that this is not the main victory of the season. The playoffs are ahead of us, and there you have to play the best you can,” Gusev told .

SKA won the KHL Continental Cup earlier than expected. On Tuesday, the St. Petersburg team defeated Kunlun (7:2) in the regular season home game.

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Source : MatchTV

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