Russian forward “Carolina” Svechnikov spoke about the reasons for the prolonged NHL goal drought

russian striker “Carolina” Andrei Svechnikov spoke about the reasons behind his National Hockey League (NHL) goal drought.

The Russian could not score a goal in 19 straight games, but on Wednesday night he scored twice against Saint-Louis (4-1). Svechnikov already opened the scoring in the second minute and in the eighth minute he scored twice. The striker also attempted to score a hat trick when he executed a stick fake but failed to score at the time.

– Can you say that after the first dropped puck, it was like a mountain had fallen from your shoulders?

– I’ve said many times that it doesn’t matter how many goals you score, but every goal you score gives you a little bit of confidence. You’re trying to push back to score more, to create more scoring chances. What I did today,” Svechnikov told reporters.

— Are you generally confident in your game? Yes, there were no goals, but you scored points.

Yes, I didn’t worry about it. I know what kind of player I am. And if I don’t score now, then in the next games I can score some goals. I’m happy to have managed to do a double today. But we passed this game, we have to move on to the next game.

– Carolina is second in the league, and it seems that you, in such a good team, should score a lot.

— Yes, I have a good chance in every game. And if you can’t score, that shouldn’t bother you.

What do you think of your attempt to score a goal with the signature lacrosse trick?

“See, I haven’t scored in so long that I decided to give lacrosse a try. There was an attempt, yes. But I couldn’t see very well and was controlling the puck there. After doing a double, I was on the emotions, a chance presented itself. I decided to try – well, I tried. But he didn’t score.

How do you like the fan support?

– Yes, I heard them from the stands – it’s a special moment. They helped me today.

Did your trip to the NHL All-Star Game help you?

– Yes definitely. We had an incredible weekend, we had been waiting for it for a long time. I enjoyed this moment very much. There we managed to relax, recharge and return to the season with new strength.

In this championship, 22-year-old Andrei Svechnikov scored 46 (19+27) points in 55 matches with a utility of “-1”.

Source : MatchTV

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