“Ovechkin is like a guiding star, he belongs to the whole world hockey community” – Novikov

Honored coach of Russia Yuri Novikov believes that the solemn ceremony in honor of the striker “Washington” Alexandra Ovechkina was very touching.

The club congratulated the Russian hockey player on his second place in the list of the best snipers in history NHL .

— With all the problems and injustices that exist now, there are still moments that unite people. I always emphasize that hockey is the only sport for us with such geography. And we can show ourselves on the American continent – our behavior, our culture, our skills and our character. Like hockey players from other countries, Finns, Swedes, etc. And so, of course, the ceremony in honor of Alexander Ovechkin was very touching. He deserved it. He was honored at the level of Gordie Howe, North America’s greatest hockey player. They value skills, dedication, character, human qualities.

Ovechkin is like a guiding star, he belongs to the whole world hockey community. In Sweden and Finland, we must also set an example. These athletes have exceeded the limits. His role is huge, not only as a hockey player, but also as a representative of our country. According to the set of qualities of a person and an athlete, there is no one next to him and there never will be. Someone can play nicer, but such a desperate and devoted to hockey concerns Ovechkin. Therefore, we wish him health and score as much as possible. It’s hard work, colossal psychological and physical stress, Novikov told RB Sport.

This season, Ovechkin has scored 69 (40+29) points in 66 games.

RB Sports

Source : MatchTV

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