Athletistic/Hockey. Deputy of the State Duma and former hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov expressed his position regarding the numerous criticisms made by the former goalkeeper of several NHL teams, HC Spartak and the Czech national team, Dominik Hasek , against Russian athletes.

Fetisov said: “Dominik himself played with us, if I’m not mistaken, and he received a good salary for this. Why does he deny others the opportunity to play and earn money It’s kind of nonsense. Let him return the money he earned here, then everything will be fair.”

Earlier, Hasek reacted to the transfer of his compatriot, defender David Sklenichka, to Barys. In July, Hasek plans to approach members of the European Parliament with a proposal to deprive Russian and Belarusian athletes of the right to participate in international competitions.

  • Fetisov: ‘All clubs in the KHL should have the same opportunities as in the NHL’

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