Athletistic/Hockey. Russian coach Vyacheslav Bykov has expressed his opinion on SKA striker Brendan Leipsik’s decision to obtain Russian citizenship.

“I believe that in the modern world, regardless of the field of activity, the possibility of attracting foreign specialists exists, including Russia. Many countries, including Russia, have legal possibilities for dual citizenship. From Additionally, there are sports laws that allow an athlete who has not played for their country’s national team to change their sports citizenship and play for another country.

Foreign specialists are invited to Russia to use their knowledge, experience and skills, as well as to transfer their experience to our specialists or young hockey players, if we talk about hockey. A person’s decision to change nationality is their personal choice. I can’t say what caused it. I hope these are not political motives, although everything can be.

That’s not to say the KHL got it wrong by tightening the foreign player limit. I don’t know if it’s related. I’m not inclined to think badly, for example, that it’s done for selfish ends or through some sort of legal loophole. I don’t understand the purpose. SKA has enough young players, and they are actively developing youngsters, taking good young players from different clubs and giving them the opportunity to grow and develop,” Bykov said in an interview with VseProSport.

Last season, Leipsik played for Metallurg, where he scored 44 points (11 goals assisted, 33) in 65 regular season games. In the playoffs, he scored 11 (2+9) points in 11 games.

  • Canadian forward SKA Leipsik to get Russian passport

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