“My conscience is clear. I tried my best and did my best, I didn’t cause bad things to anyone” – Yakupov on playing for Avangard

Offensive “Neftekhimika” Nail Yakupov who previously spoke for “Avant-garde” in an interview with , he said he was surprised by the Omsk club’s decision to refuse his services.

On Tuesday, July 11, Neftekhimik announced the transfer to the club of 2021 Gagarin Cup winner Nail Yakupov. The agreement with the 29-year-old hockey player is designed for one year. Last season, the striker played for Avangard.

– Why didn’t Avangard finally offer you a contract? Was the departure of Alexander Krylov from the post of chairman of the board influenced?

I don’t know if there is a link. Yes, Krylov left, and a week later Avangard announced that he was not renewing the contract with me and Anton Belov. But I can’t judge who made the decision in the management of the club. Of course, cosmic changes took place in Omsk at the end of May.

I know the option to stay at Avangard was always there, and it was my priority. I spent almost three seasons at the club, why look for anything else? The team is good, you know everything, no need to invent anything. I came to training camp and went to bomb, you don’t have to know everyone, study the city and the schedule.

And so the story dragged on, neither yes nor no. Nothing happened. And at the end of May, they told me that Avangard was going to focus on young people: “We need to sign long-term contracts with the guys.”

At first I was surprised. Maybe there is something inside. But personally, I haven’t ruined relations with anyone at the club and I don’t think anyone would turn their tongues to say something bad in my direction. My conscience is clear. I gave my best and did my best, I didn’t cause anyone bad things,” Yakupov told .

Source : MatchTV

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