Dmitry Yashkin: “A year ago Radulov was invited to Ak Bars. They started talking to him much earlier than to me.

Before “Ak Barca » Dmitry Yashkin in an interview with he said that he could have been in the Kazan club a year ago.

Yashkin last season with S.K.A. scored 62 (40+22) points in 67 games, adding to them 7 (5+2) points in 14 playoff games. At the KHL’s season-closing ceremony, the 30-year-old hockey player was recognized as the league’s most valuable player. On June 7, the Czech signed a three-year contract with Ak Bars.

– You could have ended up at Ak Bars a year ago.

– Yes I can. But he didn’t show up. A year ago there was such a moment that together with me they invited me to Kazan and Sasha Radulova . And they started talking to him much earlier than to me. I had the impression that Ak Bars wanted to deal with Radulov first, whether they agreed with him or not. At the same time, I realized that the club had practically no money left under the salary cap. So my decision wasn’t even necessary.

– Oleg Znarok called you, who was then the head coach of Ak Bars.

We talked, yes.

– And now it’s a combo – in Ak Bars and Radulov, and you, and your three ideal Dynamo times: Yashkin – Shipachev – Kagarlitsky.

– There is no ideal. It still takes some getting used to. And there are different matches. In some teams, the style is suited to our link to success. And in some clubs it is more difficult to achieve. Let’s see, the guys and I haven’t played in two years. But the chemistry never went away. I believe everything will be fine for us.

– Do you have any doubts about whether they will put you together?

– Certainly. It all depends on the coach’s decision. And we have to see how we will get the game. It is not a guarantee if Vadim and Dima and I are together. After a while we have to see how everything will turn out in practice,” Yashkin told .

Source : MatchTV

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