Athletistic/Hockey. Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner of the National Hockey League (NHL), responded to the question of whether CSKA violates the memorandum of understanding between the KHL and the NHL by their actions. Previously, CSKA signed Russian goaltender Ivan Fedotov, who also has a valid contract with the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL.

“No,” Daly said in a statement to RIA Novosti Sport.

Earlier it was reported that the International Ice Hockey Federation received a request from the FHR in this matter regarding Fedotov.

Recall, in June it was announced that the goalkeeper’s contract with the Philadelphia Flyers, concluded before the 2022/2023 season, was automatically extended for another year. On July 3, Bill Daly confirmed this information in his statements. However, five days later, on July 8, CSKA announced the signing of a contract with Fedotov.

  • CSKA commented on the statement of the FHR in the Fedotov case

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