“I will never find logic in the NHL. There is no justice, and in principle there will be nowhere” – Evgeny Svechnikov

“I will never find logic in the NHL.  There is no justice, and in principle there will be nowhere” – Evgeny Svechnikov

Before “Ak Barca » Yevgeny Svechnikov who previously played for NHL club San Jose Sharks, told that he had gained invaluable experience in the foreign league, although many things were still beyond his understanding.

On August 11, Ak Bars signed a contract with 26-year-old Evgeny Svechnikov. The contract is for two seasons. Last season the forward played in the NHL with San Jose, in 59 NHL regular season games he scored 14 points (8 goals + 6 assists) with a utility rating of “-6” . In total, Svechnikov played 172 regular season games in the NHL for 6 seasons, also defending the colors of Detroit and Winnipeg.

“I liked everything about San Jose. It is clear that some misunderstandings can always arise,” Svechnikov said.

– It’s strange that at the club you break personal bests and at the same time you suffer a repechage refusal.

“There is no logic here, and I can never answer that question. How long I spent in the NHL, I couldn’t find the answer. Overall, I had a good season for me in San Jose. He scored 14 points in 59 games, setting a personal best in goals and averaging 10 minutes in the field. If you look at the stats, it’s not that bad.

I was happy with the season, with the team. It is clear that there are always pitfalls and that each new coach must be approached, finding a common language. Words cannot describe it. It must be lived. Especially when the team loses a lot, then the negative accumulates.

Well, I don’t know… At least after each meeting, they would tell me: “It’s fine”. And then they could be sent to the agricultural club or promoted to the base. It’s hard to be stable when you don’t play a lot. It’s fine when you’re in the top 6. And I mostly played in the lower tiers. It’s so hard to find the balance of a stable game.

So you ask, “What am I doing wrong? What is the problem?” Where is the justice? But people don’t look at it. There is no justice. And in principle, it will be nowhere.

Yes, I will never find logic in the NHL. But I will say that I would not change anything. I went there and had a great experience. Enough for a lifetime. And I’m definitely not going to bite my elbows,” Svechnikov told .

Svechnikov already played for Ak Bars in the 2013/14 season.

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Find the full interview with Evgeny Svechnikov on Sunday morning on the website.

Source : MatchTV

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