Athletistic/Hockey. Sports analyst Dmitry Guberniev expressed his opinion on the decision of the International Ice Hockey Federation on the occasion of goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov. The Russian was handed a four-month suspension, while CSKA received an international transfer ban until August 10, 2024. The military team’s contract with Fedotov was declared invalid, as the player has an agreement valid with the Philadelphia Flyers.

“He has two options here. The first is to accept the decision. The second is to go your own way and risk even harsher penalties. So we have to decide how Fedotov and CSKA are going to move forward.

Vyacheslav Fetisov offers to refuse participation in the IIHF? Yes, it can be done. However, if we start expelling everyone, then, in my opinion, only Ivan Fedotov’s grandchildren will remain on the international stage,” the RB Sport portal quoted Guberniev as saying.

  • Sushinsky: “In the whole situation, I feel sorry for Fedotov. He has already missed a year in the army”

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