Athletistic/Hockey. A member of CSKA’s supervisory board, Boris Mikhailov, provided his comments to SE regarding the International Ice Hockey Federation’s (IIHF) decision to ban CSKA from international transfers for the season due to the transfer of the goalkeeper from Philadelphia Ivan Fedotov.

Ivan Fedotov himself received a four-month ban from the IIHF due to a breach of contract with the NHL team. He was given two weeks to return to Philadelphia or to proceed with his removal from CSKA, but he was unable to meet any of the conditions within the time limit.

“In my opinion, you should be ready for this. It is clear that the International Federation will make concessions to the NHL. Fedotov did not show up in Philadelphia. If he had arrived and then there had been problems, that would have been a different matter. The authorization card of the International Federation is at CSKA. I think it’s an unfair decision both for the hockey player and for CSKA. This decision will not affect the club’s long-term fate. However, this will affect Ivan’s fate. We need to understand their decision. I think that’s not the last word. There will be correspondence, new decisions by September. We are obligated to protect our rights. There will be correspondence with the International Federation. This decision is not clear to me. They don’t allow anyone to participate in the World Cup. But the players can leave. This confuses me. We will need lawyers who will deal with this issue,” Mikhailov shared in an interview with SE journalists.

The IIHF’s decision is tied to the Army team signing a contract with goaltender Ivan Fedotov, despite the Russian’s existing agreement with Philadelphia being recognized as valid.

In May 2022, Fedotov signed a one-year contract with the NHL club Philadelphia, but after that he was forced to do his mandatory military service. In July, it became known that the 26-year-old goalkeeper had signed a deal with CSKA before the end of the 2024/25 season.

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