Athletistic/Hockey. Edmonton Oilers general manager Ken Holland shared his opinion on Russian forward Matvey Petrov. The forward was included in the team for the rookie tournament.

“Well, first of all, Petrov has done enough in the junior league over the last two years, and we know that another year in juniors as a “surplus” is not in his best interest. needs the next step.

He is now considering joining the American Hockey League. How close is this to the NHL? The rookie tournament and two or three preseason games will give him the opportunity to show us if he is far from the NHL or closer than we think.

I’m really excited to see Petrov and some of these young attackers play in this tournament. Then when I go home and get ready for training camp next week, if someone plays really well here, they’ll deserve a few preseason games.

Ultimately, we know it will be difficult for a young player to break into our team and join the squad for the first match of the season. However, their job is to send a message, a message that they are closer than we think,” Holland said as quoted by The Athletic.

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