Athletistic/Hockey. Famous hockey agent Alexei Dementiev reacted to SKA’s disastrous start to the new season of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL).

“The unsatisfactory results of SKA at the beginning of the regular season are more of a trend than a model. Although there are many objective reasons here. The trend is that in recent seasons of the KHL, almost all teams play in series – either they win or lose. The championship is long, and most importantly, don’t lose in the playoffs.

Objective reasons include the change of a large number of hockey players during the last off-season. Personally, I have no doubts about the selection of players: everyone is talented and competent. But the team needs time for the guys to get used to each other. New ligaments should appear on the ice, this is particularly important for the majority. Another important factor that affects a significant change of hockey players is the explanation of the plans and requirements of the coaching staff. The players who left have been trained, and now the coaches must retrain the new hockey players according to their needs. All that is needed here is the patience of the coaches to explain the required adjustments and follow their implementation.

I am optimistic about the future of SKA,” Dementyev said, as quoted by the Championship.

SKA has won only two victories in seven matches and now, with 4 points, occupies the penultimate and 10th place in the KHL Western Conference standings.

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