Hockey agent Dementyev explained the unsuccessful debut of CSKA and SKA in the KHL

Hockey agent Alexei Deniev shared his opinion on the unsuccessful performances of SKA and CSKA in the current season of the Fonbet KHL championship.

The Moscow club is in 8th place after 8 matches in the West ranking, SKA is in 10th place, after suffering five consecutive defeats.

— In general, the last KHL championships are full of series of unsuccessful and successful matches. SKA’s biggest problem is roster changes. The players who formed the backbone of the team are injured. If you look at St. Petersburg’s match statistics, you will notice that they are consistently superior to their opponents in terms of shots. It’s something incomprehensible: bad luck or a misunderstanding. But it is also a consequence of the risks that the club management took in changing the hockey players from the previous call-up. Despite the club’s real failures, I am confident that SKA will make it to the playoffs. After all, someone gets there, being in first place, and is eliminated, while someone from last gets to the final.

Yes, we now have the impression of looking at the rankings backwards. I think CSKA has some kind of catastrophic bad luck, as if someone cast a bad spell on the team. Situations when Okulov goes to goal and misses, when Grigorenko misses the puck, are a kind of horror. I would not pay attention to the fact that the team won the Gagarin Cup two years in a row. The composition of CSKA has practically not changed, everyone knows each other. However, their potential is visible: the guys play systematically. CSKA gives its opponents the opportunity to play open hockey.

The team started the training process quite late. Their job is to be fit and ready for the big games. Understanding the historical context of CSKA, you have to imagine that the coaching staff has a plan to prepare for the season. It often happened that teams gave their best in the regular season, but were no longer strong enough for the playoffs. The championship is long and I have no doubt that the team will definitely qualify for the knockout matches,” RT Dementyev quotes.

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Source : MatchTV

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