Athletistic / Hockey. Sochi striker Michal Kristof explained how Sochi differs from Finland. In this northern European country, the Slovak managed to play for Vaasan Sport and Kärpät.

“It’s too hot in Sochi in summer. Just walk down the street and sweat pours out. If only it was five degrees cooler! It’s hard for my daughter here, she doesn’t like the heat. But you just have to get used to it: what time to stay at home and when you can already go out. We live next to the Olympic Park, there are many swimming pools nearby. You can always cool off there. There Slovakia can also be hot, but in Sochi the humidity is completely different.

But I like it here – there is a lot of sunshine in Sochi. In Finland it rained constantly and it was hard for me there. The sun only came out for a few hours a day. I’m so glad to be somewhere sunnier. In Vladivostok the sun also shone constantly. It is true that sometimes there was just a terrible wind. We lived on a hill, and at minus 15 the wind is so strong that you can’t just jump in the car, you can’t really go anywhere,” Krystof said in the “Championship”.

Michal Krystof left Admiral for Sochi last summer. In nine matches of the current KHL season, the 29-year-old Slovak has 9 (3+6) points thanks to the goal+pass system.