“This summer we got together with the guys and discussed that we should be a team, a family and listen to each other” – Kokorev about Sochi’s winning streak

Head coach of Sochi Dmitry Kokorev after the victory over Spartak, he said that during the summer the coaching staff met with the players and discussed that everyone should be a team, a family, listen to each other and support each other. hear.

On Tuesday, Sochi defeated Spartak with a score of 3:2 in the away match of the Fonbet KHL Championship. For the southerners, this victory was the sixth in a row.

“We analyzed the opponent, carefully prepared for the match and knew Spartak’s weak points. We have succeeded. I would like to congratulate our fans and our team on their victory.

— Sochi has changed this season – six victories in a row. What caused it?

— We got together with the guys this summer and discussed that we should be a team, a family, get along and listen to each other. If we coaches offer something to the team, then they should do it. We all do this difficult work together and we succeed. God grant that this continues.

— Did you have at least one percent confidence on the bench that the second goal against Spartak would be scored?

– Yes of course. The washer was not tight. We finished the moment until the end, it was a clear objective.

— Today we used Zavgorodniy instead of Popov in the first link. What is the reason for the change?

— Before that, Dmitry played in this position. He was just a little sick, so they put Popov there. When Zavgorodniy recovered, they simply reverted to the standard combination.

— Can we say that one of the key factors of the victory was the episode where we survived in the minority 3 against 5?

“And at that moment, and in principle, the whole team fought today, tried to win all the battles, fought until the end. It’s a team victory.

— Under your leadership, Sochi defends strictly in its zone and counterattacks well. How did you manage to convey your demands to the players so quickly?

“It didn’t all happen so quickly.” It’s a daily job, communicating with the guys. They like the offensive hockey that we bring to them. When playing this type of hockey, you must not forget about defense. The better you play defense, the quicker you will go on offense. The guys love it.

— Sochi’s pressing was impressive throughout the 60 minutes. Is it linked to good physical shape?

— We prepared during the pre-season. There are secrets to how to successfully lead a team during the season. It’s too early to talk about anything, but so far everything is working out, ”reports the correspondent of , reporting Kokorev’s words.

Sochi scored 14 points and rose to fourth place in the Western Conference standings.

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Source : MatchTV

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