“Everyone has seen everything, with our game everything is clear.” Fedorov – about CSKA’s defeat to Severstal in the KHL match

The head coach CSKA Sergei Fedorov summed up the match against Severstal in the Fonbet KHL Championship and noted that “everything was clear” with his team’s performance.

The match took place on Tuesday in Moscow and ended with the victory of the Cherepovets club with a score of 2:1.

— “Severstal” with a victory, they moved well, controlled the puck. I think everything is clear in our game, especially in the first half. Difficult to add anything here, everyone has seen everything. Any comments concern our team in this regard, so we will try to change something for the next match. But you can’t move like that, play with the puck like that, and not make decisions very quickly. In principle, the guys know all these moments, they themselves feel them, but so far the result is negative, so we will look for ways out of the situation.

— Was there a desire to play with 6 defenders today, or was it due to player errors?

— Punishing someone in professional hockey is not entirely correct. They restrained the players, allowed them to rest, collect their thoughts, come to their senses, remember the requirements,” Fedorov said, according to the army press service.

CSKA has 9 points, the team is tenth in the West.

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Source : MatchTV

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