Metallurg striker Mikhailis: “We had to put pressure on Kunlun, but there were too many emotions”

Before “Metallurgist » Nikita Mikhailis believes that during the KHL regular season match against “Kunlun “The hockey players of the Magnitogorsk team were supposed to put pressure on the opponent, but they missed the end of the match.

After an away defeat against Kunlun, in a conversation with a correspondent, he emphasized the need to lead such matches to victory.

On Wednesday in Mytishchi, Metallurg lost to Kunlun (2:3) in a shootout in the Fonbet KHL championship match. Magnitogorsk won 2:0 in the 10th minute of the match.

– Today we started the match well, we managed to score quick goals, we had to put pressure on the opponent, convert the majority, but we missed the end of the match, we gave up and conceded in the minority.

— At a press conference, Andrei Razin cited game discipline as the main reason for the defeat. Why is it not always possible to do without deletions?

— We understand very well that we cannot be sent off, especially against teams that play well in the majority, but today there were a lot of emotions, and it was not always possible to contain them .

— Despite the defeat, Metallurg is leading the Eastern Conference, does this add positivity to the team?

— To be honest, we don’t look at the table at all, and we don’t have time to do it, we have a busy schedule, matches every other day, now the main thing is to improve our game.

— This is not the first time that Metallurg has lost to lower-class teams. Can we say that the reason for these defeats is due to lack of preparation?

— I don’t think so, our team fights in every match, the desire to win is always present and never disappears. The reason for our defeats is probably always the same: non-compliance with game discipline and a large number of deletions,” Mikhailis told .

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Source : MatchTV

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