Fedorov: “We had a meeting. Times were mentioned when we performed our tasks poorly.

Head coach of CSKA Sergei Fedorov After the victory over Sochi in the KHL championship game, Fonbet said the team had a meeting before the game.

THURSDAY CSKA beat Sochi at home with a score of 7:1.

— Guys, congratulations on the victory. Our fans too, thank you to them for their support. We managed to play the 60 minutes. There were unnecessary deletions and somewhere we lost focus. Overall, the game left a good aftertaste, but we won’t stop there. We have problems that need to be resolved. I’m happy with the speed of the team.

— Did you know that CSKA had 22 consecutive victories against Sochi before this meeting?

– No I did not know.

— CSKA scores few goals. Did everything go wrong today?

– I bet he’s knocked up. We created these moments. Before that we weren’t creating, so we scored 1-2 chances. Today we managed to do what we can do with sporting anger. I’m happy for the guys to have found their way to the opposing goal.

— Vitaly Abramov played center in the last game, he has now returned to the edge. Was it an experience?

— Vitaly has been a central player since birth, he played for us on the sidelines. Before that, he played center for youth hockey. Any center has no problem playing on the wing. We had injuries, without thinking twice we decided to combine Kostya Okulov, Vitaly and Sergei Plotnikov into one unit. The guys devoted themselves to the process, not without mistakes, but they were not fatal. We then decided to follow another path.

— Kamenev is absent two games in a row.

— Vlad is injured. Unfortunately, the overall health picture is not yet clear. This is not a relapse of an old injury.

“Information is circulating that yesterday the team had a meeting and a lively conversation. Can you confirm?

— Journalists are always right. It was a scheduled meeting. There were times when we weren’t playing quite right and fulfilling our duties. We talked a lot about character, about sporting anger, about the fact that CSKA is a big club. Stop tumbling, it’s time to play.

— Konstantin Okulov scored the first goal of the season. What can you say about his mood? Did you talk to him?

– I’m happy for Kostya. Good game. It still had the vibe, but a lot of things didn’t work. We discussed the reasons not individually, but as a team. We were worried about the situation, we knew the skills and character had not disappeared from our team, but something went wrong. This is our job, we are a team, we surrendered to the process, played for the team – this is the most important point I want to make. Once we play for the team, everything else follows.

— You said there was a lot of work to be done to correct the errors. What was wrong with the game today?

– Deletions. Dismissals are injuries. These are things where you catch the puck on yourself. You can’t stand it any other way. I don’t like it when we move away. If you split your opponent and walk away, that’s one thing. And when we stumble unexpectedly, it’s a lack of concentration and poor preparation for the match. We have taken the first step, the second will be in the next match. “We are not thinking further,” reports the correspondent of , according to Fedorov’s words.

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Source : MatchTV

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