Athletistic/Hockey. This summer, goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov signed a new contract with CSKA immediately after returning from the army. However, the Philadelphia Flyers believed the player had a valid contract with their club. In this regard, disagreements arose between the KHL and the NHL. Subsequently, the IIHF imposed sanctions against CSKA and Ivan Fedotov. However, they were ignored and Fedotov continued to go on the ice. The head of the IIHF, Luc Tardif, made a new statement on the current situation.

– From the beginning, we had a clear and clear position on the case of CSKA goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov. As already mentioned, the decision will be made by the Disciplinary Council. If necessary, we will go further. The FHR, the KHL, as well as Ivan Fedotov himself, did not comply with the rules of international transfers of the IIHF and did not comply with the universal basic law on the conclusion of contracts, SE said quoting Tardif .

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