The chief referee of the KHL explained what rule could appear in the league

The chief referee of the KHL explained what rule could appear in the league

The chief referee of the KHL, Alexey Anisimov, said that in the future a new rule of the game may be tested in the league.

— There are a few other interesting ideas – from simple ones to ones that can really be useful. It is a little early to announce them, because for the moment we are only discussing them on the sidelines, among colleagues.

But let’s talk about something banal and often discussed. You should always pay attention to points in the rules that are accompanied by a large number of stops that interfere with the dynamics of the game. I’m not talking about such technical things as views. There are also some problems and we are thinking about how to solve them.

One of the stories involves the puck leaving the offensive zone and the defensive zone. In the rules, this is called the end zone. Perhaps we could try, in a preseason tournament or in the MHL, to not stop the play when the puck hits the net in the end zone and then hits the ice. I’m talking about the moments where either the goalie hits it there, or it gets there after a throw and a ricochet from the defender’s stick, and not those episodes where they hit the net from the middle zone.

Continue the game and score the goal? Yes, just keep playing. Except those moments when the puck completely left the ice. But that involves a change in the rules, because we have to take care of throwing the puck. If the defender shoots and the puck stays in the net, it’s two minutes; if she goes back on the ice, then nothing.

There are a lot of nuances here. And when there is a discussion about the evolution of the rules, everything is broken down into points. And you always have to analyze what will involve one, two, three. It’s one thing to just declare it, and another thing to understand the consequences of the new rule,” Anisimov said at the Championship.

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