Kremenchuk won a major but difficult victory over the Dnieper

The representatives of Poltava region were behind in the score for a long time, but in the last period they scored 4 unanswered goals

Kremenchuk got a confident victory in the score, but a difficult game over Dnieper in the third round match Ukrainian hockey championship – 5:2.

The Kherson team led the score for most of the match. She finished the first period with a two-goal advantage, and two more goals were not scored on her part.

The favorite managed to return to the game after Daniil Krivenko’s puck assisted by Mikhail Gevorkyan. Dnepr fell apart only in the third period. The hero of the match was Gevorkyan, who scored the winning goal after a solo pass. In the end, Vitaly Lyalka finished off his defeated opponent twice.

Thanks to this victory, Kremenchuk came close to the leading Sokol. Dnepr remained third, but could drop lower if the Kyiv Capitals beat the Kharkov Berserkers today.

  • Ukrainian Hockey Championship. Regular season

Kremenchuk — Dnepr Kherson — 5:2 (0:2, 1:0, 4:0)

Washers: 0:1 – D. Poperezhay (Ratushny), 12:36. 0:2 – Ratushny (Poimanov), 17:53. 1:2 – Krivenko (Gevorgyan, Matvienko), 26:52. 2:2 – Varava (Krivoshapkin), 43:06. 3:2 – Gevorkyan (Matusevich), 47:46. 4:2 – Lyalka (Matusevich, Krivoshapkin – big), 52:40. 5:2 – Doll (smaller), 59:05

Source: Sportarena

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