Athletistic / Hockey. Amur head coach Andrei Martemyanov spoke about the scandal with the team’s striker Alexander Khokhlachev. Earlier, the attacker had jumped on a fan’s car, which is why he was fined a lot.

In the regular KHL championship match with Traktor, which was the first after this scandal, Khokhlachev managed to score. The match ended with a score of 3:2 in favor of Love.

“Today Alexander Khokhlachev scored, how did this whole situation affect him? I don’t know. You have to ask Sasha. He was charged. I saw him before the match. Well done for scored. Good goal. We all experience such incidents in life, I will call it that.

The man sitting across from you was also young. Senior comrades helped me, guided me on the right path: to be a worthy member of our society. We don’t abandon ours. If there are attempts against Alexander, I will defend him in every imaginable and inconceivable way. I won’t hurt my guys.

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Is Khokhlachev forgiven? We have a three-match series, two more to go. I am not a supporter of the position of being rehabilitated or not being rehabilitated, I am a supporter of a person who plays and benefits the team. May God continue to play like this. People make mistakes. No problem with that. A normal person will perceive this adequately and bring more benefit,” Martemyanov was quoted as saying by the Traktor press service.