Athletistic/Hockey. Washington Capitals Russian forward Alexander Ovechkin began the current NHL regular season with a goalless streak. However, in the last two matches he showed good performances. In particular, today, October 26, Ovechkin scored the goal for New Jersey. Wayne Gretzky’s record is 70 goals. Honored Russian coach Vladimir Pluschev spoke about this.

– Ovechkin’s pucks? Will we soon start counting his steps? Alexander does his job and focuses on winning the Stanley Cup. We don’t always pay attention to appropriate actions. What is attached to these washers? He plays and will play according to his health and his desire. It will be necessary to count after he beats Gretzky’s record. Well, he came close by a goal or two – but he’s not playing for himself alone. The team helps Ovechkin, and he helps him,” Plyushchev was quoted as saying by “Championship”.

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