Athletistic / Hockey. Three-time world champion Alexei Tereshchenko spoke about the words of SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg. Previously, he complained about the difficult schedule of the St. Petersburg team.

“The SKA coach and many of his colleagues complain about the difficult schedule this season? I think this is how the coaches further cover up their failures. There are of course some inconsistencies when you play part of the matches at outside. But these are questions for those speaking to the people in the league who set the schedule. Either way, the schedule won’t be perfect for anyone, someone will complain about something.

Rotenberg: “It’s important that Kunlun plays in the KHL, they have a completely different style of play”

I shouldn’t do this. There are recovery difficulties. But everyone goes through it and plays in one way or another. This is the work of the entire technical staff, the physical preparation specialist and the medical staff. Nutrition, pharmacology, everything is very important. It is necessary to maintain physical and emotional health. Great efforts are needed,” Sport Weekend quotes Tereshchenko.