“To prevent this from happening, you need to introduce collars or offer other neck protection” – Shchitov on the death of former NHL player Johnson

Former defender of KHL clubs Nikita Shchitov after the death of a former NHL hockey player was announced Adam Johnson told that neck protection needs to be introduced in hockey to prevent such incidents.

Earlier, the Daily Mail reported that former Pittsburgh Penguins hockey player Johnson died after cutting his neck with a skate during a game in the United Kingdom. The incident happened during Saturday’s Challenge Cup match between Sheffield Steelers and Nottingham Panthers, for which Johnson played. The match in Sheffield was interrupted in the second period when the 29-year-old hockey player received a cut in the throat with a skate. Johnson was transported to a local hospital, but doctors were unable to save him.

— In my memory, fortunately, there were no such cases. The guys were cutting their wrists. Hockey is an extreme sport, I was hit in the face with a skate and cut my skin. To prevent such cases from happening, it is necessary to introduce collars, as in children’s hockey, or to invent other neck protection. It has to be done, I want to live, make my family and my fans happy. I really don’t want a hockey game to result in deaths. But at the same time, no one is safe. You can hit your head hard against the boards and the puck can kill you because it flies at high speed,” Shchitov told .

During his career, Johnson played in 13 NHL games for Pittsburgh.

Source : MatchTV

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